Do you know the reasons for the high incidence of cancer worldwide ?

Time:2020-04-23    writer:Steven Pan

Additives in textiles and clothing

---The culprit of cancer (azo dye)

The spread of cancer:

Cancer incidence is greater than current COVID-19

1: What is an azo dye ?

1) Definition of azo fuel:

A class of organic compounds with aryl groups attached to both ends of the azo group

2) Application fields of azo fuel:

Textile and apparel, paint, plastic, rubber and other coloring fields

3) What does C azo dye look like?

   Solid powder, liquid, gas


2. How did the azo dye come from ?

Discovered and used azo dyes in Europe in the 19th century and started industrial production.  

In the early 20th century, Japanese Yoshida discovered that Solvent Yellow can cause liver cancer in mice.

1970s. The world's largest dye manufacturer spontaneously stopped selling azo dyes such as benzidine.

In 1994 Germany first banned the use of azo dyes in textiles.

In 2004, countries around the world have completely banned the use of azo dyes in textiles.

After several amendments, the EU has banned the use of azo dyes in various fields (not limited to textiles)


3: The benefits of azo (why do we use it)

The decomposable aromatic amine mainly comes from the azo dye in clothing. The reason why this dye is used by many small and medium-sized textile and apparel manufacturers is on textiles, clothing, leather products and household fabrics.

Price factor: Most of the environmentally friendly dyes that replace this dye are imported, and the price is 3 to 4 times more expensive.

Source factors: Azo dyes are simple to manufacture, low in price, complete in color, strong in coloring, bright and durable in color, and high in color fastness.


4. How do azo dyes cause cancer?

The problem of carcinogenicity is that after long-term research and clinical trials, people have proved that the aromatic amines that can be reduced in certain azo dyes are potentially carcinogenic to humans or animals. During long-term contact with skin, azo dyes on textiles will be transferred from textiles to human skin under certain special conditions, especially when the dyeing fastness is poor. After the normal metabolic process of the human body, it decomposes and reduces under the biocatalysis of secretions, and releases some carcinogenic aromatic amines. These aromatic amines are absorbed by the human skin and deoxidize the cells in the body through metabolism Ribonucleic acid (DNA) changes and has potential carcinogenic sensitization. 24 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, of which 2-naphthylamine and benzidine are the most toxic and more toxic than formaldehyde.


5. How do we select the clothes in the future ?

The simplest way is to check if the clothes get the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate .

(OEKO-TEX Standard 100 was formulated by the OEKO-TEX International Environmental Protection Textile Association in 1992. There are currently 16 testing associations whose main task is to test textiles for harmful substances to determine their safety. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is now the most widely used textile eco-label. The standards set by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 are based on the latest scientific knowledge, and set limits on the harmful substance content of yarns, fibers and various textiles. Only manufacturers that provide provable quality assurance in accordance with strict testing and inspection procedures are allowed to use the OEKO-TEX label on their products.)


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